Upcycling of Remnants / All Sorts

All small pieces of leather, artificial leather, jeans, fabric, etc. are processed further into the following items:

1 Leather Remnants

So far, I use my leather remnants to make mobile phone covers, ipad cases, small wallets, small purses, belt bags, fish keychains, fish earrings, fish tags and heart bookmarks. Click here for the relevant catalog pages:

Leather Cases for Gadgets

Leather Cases

Leather Fish 

2 Artificial Leather Remnants

The remnants of the artificial leather become herring and flounder cases, as well as fish key rings. Click here for the relevant catalog page.

3 Jeans and Fabric Remnants

The jeans and fabric remnants are sewn into funny bags and small fabric cases; often decorated with animals or in sailing ship form, but also origami cases and small money cases. Click here for the relevant catalog pages:

Fabric Bags 

Fabric Cases

Fabric Mini Pouches