Upcycling of Jeans

I create the following 3 models of Jeans Bags:

1 Jeans Fish Bags

The jeans legs are cut off and converted into 4 fish bags; for this I look for beautiful fabric remnants with small motifs, stripes, etc. as inner life. The fish bags all have their own size because the jeans come in many sizes. Click here for the relevant catalog page.

2 Jeans Market Bags

The front pockets of the jeans are then cut out so that the pockets can still be used. These front pockets are sewn together to form a large fabric surface, from which I can then sew a large shopping bag ("Adolphe"). Click here for the relevant catalog page.

3 Jeans Shoulder Bags

From the rest of the jeans, I cut off the back pockets, and then cut the rest into wide strips. These strips are sewn together to form a patchwork fabric, the back pockets are sewn on again, and then I make the shoulder / handbags ("Étienne") from it. Click here for the relevant catalog page.